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Our Studio

Photographers possess one of the greatest gifts in life….

The ability to stop time and capture a moment;
to capture expressions of Love, Life and Family and preserve them.

It’s simple. The Torre Studios was founded by Andrew J. Torre, M. Photog., Cr., CPP.
It was his love of music and photography, his love of family and his love of life that makes our studio what it is today.

Established in 1952, Andrew and his wife Letitia had a vision of providing outstanding quality photography, welcoming each new client as a member of their family and most importantly, giving their clients photographs and memories that were truly cherished possessions for generations.

Andrew, a graduate of Canon Art School and Antonelli School of Photography both located in Philadelphia, was joined by his wife Letitia. Together they traveled throughout the United States and Canada teaching photography to thousands of people, professionals and those new to photography alike. Andrew had received his Masters in Photography and his Photographic Craftsman degrees. Letitia soon followed with her Photographic Craftsman degree. Both also became Certified Professional Photographers. Their accomplishments include many award winning photographs and receiving the National Award. Among other awards were the Schriever Award, Instructor of the Year Award, Two Court of Honors, The Triangle Service Award from the states of Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia and the Lifetime Achievement in Professional Photography from the Guild of Professional Photographers of the Delaware Valley just to name a few.

The passion and love is carried on today by their daughter, Andrea. Andrea started out in Photography at the age of three; “a Shutterbug”.  She went on to school at Doane Academy where she studied art and theater. She graduated from Holy Cross High School and went on to college graduating from Villanova University with a Bachelors Degree and the University of Maryland with a Bachelors Degree in Business Management. To add to her credentials, she became a Certified Image Consultant. She is joined by her husband Scott. He attended York College of Pennsylvania. After discovering his artistic talents, he began working in the studio and studying photography which included studies in Graphic Arts and Design. Both were honored with their Photographic Craftsman Degree and are Certified Professional Photographers. They have traveled over the eastern region of the country giving seminars and lecturing and are producing award winning photography to follow the tradition.

Andrea, is a member of the Professional Photographers of America, the Burlington City Rotary Cub, and Burlington County Chamber of Commerce, and was awarded the Chairman’s Award of Excellence. She is also a member and Past President of the Guild of Professional Photographers of the Delaware Valley.

Events by Torre Burlington, NJ